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Nintendo announces New 2DS XL for $149.99

admin - Apr 28, 2017

[ad_1] Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced another 3DS hardware revision: the New 2DS XL. As the name suggests, this takes features from the New 3DS, like…

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How dog DNA could be used to improve the health of our pets — and us

admin - Apr 25, 2017

[ad_1] Hundreds of different dog breeds exist today — one for everyone’s taste. I love big dogs like German Shepherds and Goldendoodles, but I’m not a big…

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Scientists and their supporters march in favor of actual facts in D.C.

admin - Apr 23, 2017

[ad_1] Just inside the entrance to the Washington Monument, a handful of people hold black and white signs bearing the words ADA assistance. As one one man…

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FCC takes first step toward allowing more broadcast TV mergers

admin - Apr 20, 2017

[ad_1] In a divided vote today, the Federal Communications Commission took steps that could lead to more consolidation among TV broadcasters, reducing the number of sources of…

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Scientists discover massive sulfur-eating hell-clams in the Philippines

admin - Apr 18, 2017

[ad_1] Scientists discover massive sulfur-eating hell-clams in the Philippines - The Verge clockmore-arrow These are the first living specimens of their kind to be examined by scientists…

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Apple will begin replacing fourth generation iPads brought in for service with an iPad Air 2

admin - Apr 15, 2017

[ad_1] Apple customers who bring their fourth generation iPad in for servicing at Apple Stores and authorized service providers might soon get their unit replaced with an…

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Fitbit’s smartwatch struggles are real and not just in hardware

admin - Apr 13, 2017

[ad_1] Fitbit’s smartwatch woes go beyond GPS and waterproofing: the company is also facing challenges building out the third-party app experience on its upcoming smartwatch, two people…

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Sense8’s season 2 trailer declares the sensates ‘a threat to secrecy’

admin - Apr 10, 2017

[ad_1] The official trailer for the second season of the Wachowskis’ sci-fi drama Sense8 is here. It features a bunch of nice shots of the sensates (love…

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Italy issues a nationwide Uber ban

admin - Apr 08, 2017

[ad_1] Uber’s latest regulatory roadblock happens to be the entire country of Italy. In a court ruling issued today, all of Uber’s services were banned in the…

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Hey Sony, your bezel’s showing

admin - Apr 05, 2017

[ad_1] How's it possible that Sony's lovely $700 Xperia XZs, a phone that’s going on sale today, already looks dated? That's the question I was asking myself…