Ronnie O'Sullivan claims he will never be snooker GOAT despite equalling Stephen Hendry

May 5, 2022

“I said to Steve Peters that I wished I was in a team sport. At least then you can take a week off or be rested for a bit. You can have that relationship with your manager where you can kind of pick and choose when to play. 

“In an individual sport you’re kind of forced to play even if you feel you don’t want to. So it’s tougher, but I chose this sport and there’s not a lot I can do about it now. I’m good with pressure so having the crew around wasn’t an issue.  In some ways, it might have inspired me. And things just seem to work out – so I’m not surprised that it ended like that. And it wasn’t all Sheffield, hopefully a load of it gets in there. 

“In Llandudno they asked me what I normally do and I said ‘I go out running at eight in the morning, if it’s p**sing down with rain I’m still going out’. They got in the car and followed me, and got me running up the Orme – and it was p**sing down. Whatever I have done, they have followed me. Everything has been as it is.” 

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