Ukraine LIVE: Boris 'very seriously' considering nuclear weapons to protect against Russia

May 12, 2022

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said to LBC Radio that he sees no way of a normalisation of relations with President Vladimir Putin to return, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Johnson said: “Repentance is going to be very difficult for Vladimir Putin now … nothing is impossible, I suppose, but I just cannot see for the life of me how we can renormalise relations with Putin now.

“The world basically said, this is appalling. We condemn it, we denounce it — and we did. And we put on sanctions. But at the same time, we kind of opened negotiations with him about a way forward.

“And Putin basically used that as a way of twisting the knife in Ukraine.

“If the Ukrainians were to do any kind of deal with Putin now, the risk is that he would do exactly the same thing and they know it.

“So the short answer is no. No renormalisation and the UK is very clear about that.”

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