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Apple is working on a laser-based 3D sensor for 2019 iPhone

admin - Nov 14, 2017

[ad_1] The 2017 iPhone X has only just come out, and everyone is still soaking in the animoji novelty, but rumours about Apple’s 2019 iPhone are already…

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Hasbro reportedly offered to buy Mattel

admin - Nov 11, 2017

[ad_1] Hasbro is one of the largest toy companies in the world (after Lego), and according to a report in The Wall Street Journal, it recently made…

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Kevin Spacey replaced by Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott's J Paul Getty thriller

admin - Nov 09, 2017

[ad_1] The fallout from sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey has continued, with the actor now being replaced by Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott's All the Money…

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Someone please help NASA come up with a better name for New Horizons’ next space target

admin - Nov 06, 2017

[ad_1] NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which famously flew by Pluto in 2015, is now heading toward a very old, icy object at the edge of the Solar…

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Netflix fires Kevin Spacey from House of Cards

admin - Nov 04, 2017

[ad_1] Earlier this week Netflix shut down production on House of Cards in the wake of actor Anthony Rapp’s sexual abuse allegations against Kevin Spacey. Today, the…

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Osama bin Laden’s compound computers held crochet lessons, viral YouTube videos, and sexy video games

admin - Nov 01, 2017

[ad_1] A couple of years after releasing the first cache of books and articles found in Osama bin Laden’s compound in 2011, the US government has followed…

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This Pixel 2 came with empty packaging for what looks like wired Pixel Buds

admin - Oct 30, 2017

[ad_1] Google doesn’t bundle its Pixel 2 phones with earphones, but one man’s Verizon device came with empty packaging for what looks like a wired version of…

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Best Buy says charging people $100 more to buy an iPhone X is actually a good thing

admin - Oct 27, 2017

[ad_1] If you were preordering an iPhone X from Best Buy today, you might have noticed that the popular electronics retailer is charging an extra $100 on…

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Hisense's 100-inch 4K Laser TV can be yours for $9,999

admin - Oct 25, 2017

[ad_1] Hisense has announced a new 100-inch 4K Laser TV (model 100L8D) that's now available to buy. It's similar to the 100H10D model announced in January at…

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The Essential Phone now costs $499, $200 less than the original price

admin - Oct 22, 2017

[ad_1] Essential is slashing the price of its eponymous phone, down to $499 at its website. That’s a $200 price cut from the original $699 price, less…